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E&O Penang Book

by See Lok on January 4, 2015, no comments

This book was designed to be given away when you booked a stay with Eastern & Oriental Hotel. A bold strategic move to market Penang as a holiday destination, a nice hotel to stay and pleasant idea to spend the rest of your life here (in Seri Tanjung Pinang of course!). Seri Tanjung Pinang is […]

S P Setia Corporate Ad

by See Lok on January 3, 2015, no comments

This exercise is to inform people S P Setia is in 7 countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, China, United Kingdom) with their premium developments. The creative buy was the Reader’s Digest cover and one inside advertisement. Rainbow was the platform chosen to bring out the message across 7 countries. The inside advertisement shows […]

S P Setia Festive Cards

by See Lok on December 27, 2014, no comments

S P Setia greeting cards won many hearts of the residents in Setia Alam and abroad. This series was created by introducing a simple line that unites the message and the image. Simple yet classy. The direction was to move away from the normal cultural reference that has been done for years. This card is […]