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McCann Erickson Knowledge Quarterly (Print)

by See Lok on December 17, 2014, no comments

McCann Knowledge Quarterly, an in-house magazine

Back in my McCann days, my boss told me that I need to take up an in-house magazine which is published quarterly every year. Two of my close friends/ex colleagues have done it before. One ended up quite badly with the boss and the other one was illustrating each and every page of the book and I thought this may be the passage of rite that I have to go through. But it turned out to be a really fun project. As usualĀ being me, I like things black and simple. What I like about this magazine is the essence of it. No distracting images, only pure typography love.

P.S. The only thing that is in color is the third dot from the right on the cover.

Uber-serious enquiries can click here.


McCann Knowledge Quarterly, an in-house magazine

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