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S P Setia Corporate Ad

by See Lok on January 3, 2015, no comments

S P Setia Corporate Ad, Advertisement, Reader's Digest cover

This exercise is to inform people S P Setia is in 7 countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, China, United Kingdom) with their premium developments. The creative buy was the Reader’s Digest cover and one inside advertisement. Rainbow was the platform chosen to bring out the message across 7 countries. The inside advertisement shows what S P Setia is capable of developing. The idea was using a bracket which highlights the projects that S P Setia has developed across 7 countries. The direction was simple and classy with dark background. The whole advertisement brings out the message with confidence.

This project was done at Boomslang Design.

Uber-serious enquiries can click here.

S P Setia Corporate Ad, Advertisement, Portfolio

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