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Between 2015 and 2017

by See Lok on December 20, 2017, no comments

It has been a long since I last update my site. Ever since I moved to Penang in March 2015, it has been both enjoyable and miserable. You get to eat the good food and you also get to sample the bad food. Traffic is not that bad unless it rains nonstop for a few hours and the whole city will be knee deep in water. Being a stranger in a strange land, it took me a while to get used to the island life. It is now 2017 and I m ready to head back Kuala Lumpur to start a new chapter in life.

But before that, here is a list of food I’d like to share (this is my personal “To Eat in Penang” list, not a paid post.)

Oh Lay Ee Hokkien Mee
Stumbled upon this gem when I was cycling to work one morning. I only saw the locals eating there, so this must be good. Indeed it is. They are still using charcoal to keep the soup piping hot. Here’s the location. You can opt for extra stuff like pig intestines, pork ribs and other goodies. Ask for “cham loh”, means you will be getting the flavourful black gooey stuff in your soup.


Keli Set at Esplanade Food Court
For lunch, you cannot miss this keli set. I have tried their chicken set, bawal set, but keli is still my favourite. The onion sambal here is the rice thief. The keli flesh is so soft, the fried fins are so crunchy. Here’s the location. It can be hot during lunch time, be sure to drink plenty of water.


113 Duck Meat Kuey Teow Th’ng
Of all the Kuey Teow Th’ngs I have had over the years in Penang, this one keeps me up and running in the morning. They serve duck rice in the afternoon. It can be crowded during holidays. The location is here. If you are a first timer, then you won’t know what is good until you hit around 30 different bowls of Kuey Teow Th’ng all around Penang. Trust me, I have eaten more than that.


Boey Chong Kee
I only had it twice, because of the queuing time. It can take as long as forty minutes to one hour. I even asked them to cook extra one portion for me of what they are currently cooking, but no. During weekends, when I thought I was the first to be there (they opened at 6pm), people were already sitting there at 5.30pm. Honestly, it is well worth a try, the dishes here are simply delicious. Here’s the location. It is nestled within a cluster of old flats called the People’s Court. Retro to the max. Take a stroll in the flats and you will be “charmed”.


Merican Nasi Kandar
An old school coffee shop with a small humble stall selling nasi kandar with their own version of chutneys.  From Monday to Saturday, they offer different types of rice everyday, except Sunday. Here is the location. It is right opposite St George’s Church, you won’t miss it.

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